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Aslaug Thorlacius Rögnvaldsdottir

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Doj Criminal Complaint Against Bush Administration!

Because I'm a humanist and have fought against injustice and for human rights most of my life - like most of my friends and family in both Iceland, Denmark, USA and Canada. And because the rapport about CIA's torture praxis released by the US Senate will have no perceptible effects on either US or world politics, if it will not be followed up by legal proceedings. Dear friends and family on Facebook: I' can't promise that our appeal will make an impact, but it's better than doing nothing and just following the degradation of USA as a nation fighting for democracy and human rights from the sideline. If USA does not live up to it's own image and looses it's legitimacy as working for world peace and the spreading of democracy, this great nation in a few years will have lost any possibility of influencing the progress of civilization in the rest of the world.

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Seth Farber

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Doj Criminal Complaint Against Bush Administration!

THe Bush Administration is guilty of war crimes. AT Nuremberg Nazis were executed for the kinds of crimes sanctioned by Bush and Cheney. This kind of torture was deemed a war crime--a heinous act for which high level officials were executed. In America we don't allow murderers to escape accountability because of their office. Yet because Bush invokes the spectre of terrorism he has not been held accountable for Nazi types of crimes, "crimes against humanity." THe men at the topic who sanctioned these deeds are as guilty as Hitler and should be held to same standards of accountability They have violated the rights of every single human beings--crimes against humanity- and they should be indicted and tried. The result will be a conviction for which they deserve to spend their lives in prison. Psychologist who participated in thrse crimes should be stripped of their license to practice and criminally prosecuted for malpractice. Seth Farber, Ph.D., Psychologist

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