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Mario Bouton

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Put The Wolf Back On The Endangered Species List

A wolf is a verry smart and wise animal.He is also a protector!Some are thinking that he is dangerous,but thats not true!What if we had little children,life in the wild,and need to survive?He is not a killer,but hes just taking care of his family!Some humans are hunting just for fun,and kill this beautiful creations!Then they show there trofees to others.Shame on this people!I want to do my part to help this animals,because i love them,and we need them all!If you was life in the wild and you was lost,a wolf show you the way you must take.Did you now that?He is much longer on this planet then us!He was the talis and friend of all natives,and he love us humans all!And i love the wolf.Let us help him to let him in peace with his family.He just want to life like us thats all.Pleace sign with me,and help the wolves.Thank you.

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Cheryal Johnson

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Put The Wolf Back On The Endangered Species List

Wolves are extremely important to the economy and to the world. They taught us to hunt and to live as a family should, Wyoming just put them back on a do not kill list! Idaho, wisconsin and soon to be Washington is just out right murdering them and it has to stop! Yellowstones wolves have incurable mange. Ranchers may loose a few cows so what! They were here first and they are adding them and coyotes to the deer hunts now!

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