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Nanu Juju

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Stop Forced Adoption Uk

This campaign really matters, social services are taking babies away to reach their targets and bonuses, most of these babies are stolen from loving caring homes who wouldn't lay a finger on them, is your family going to be next?? Please help us get the signatures required, please share share share, sign sign sign, U really don't know if that knock on your door is social services, because some one said this and someone said that, or if your in a domestic violence relationship, they will use the excuse FUTURE EMOTIONAL HARM, to take your babies, Will ur child be next? Because of hearsay, Will u be the next one as a whole family unit to be going through the hell? Would u want people's help?, please sign, if not for my family but for yours, and for your family in generations to come, thank you, for reading, you've got this far so please now sign, it really don't take long,

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Sabra Gustafson Pasky

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Stop Forced Adoption Uk

Our Granddaughter was wrongfully taken and after nine months of trials and confusion and sadness she went through for no reason, at the age of five years old (celebrating her fifth birthday in a facility under supervision) she is back home where she belongs. The sadness and stress on the family was unbearable, not to mention what she went through. Case dismissed! But, the damage that has been done will take years to correct for our little girl. And for us. They need to keep the children with family members that love them. Not to keep them in the county for money!! But, with family!! Grandparents DO HAVE A RIGHT!! Even if they aren't in the county. Right there you can see what this is all about. $$$$$$$$$ Not the best interest of the children! God help us in stopping this illegal money making situation that is hurting children and their families. We have our Granddaughter back home, but my heart breaks for the others going through this unbelievable practice. We have to stick together and make a difference and change this system!!!

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Selene Woods

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Stop Forced Adoption Uk

My son was stolen for a forced adoption, just before he turned three...( taken on the 'possible risk of future emotional harm' but then left in foster care for many years).... I was made destitute and homeless during this time, and never received any counseling or help/advice. The Child Care system in this country is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE and is destroying peoples lives and is also putting vulnerable children and adults at higher risk....through abusing the families trust in authorities as a source of support. Please sign the petition to STOP FORCED ADOPTION, and demand that any family court rulings that separate children from their families are done at the same standard expected in a criminal court, with real evidence and facts, rather than hearsay and prediction.

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Stephanie Walker

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Stop Forced Adoption Uk

STOP FORCED ADOPTION AND TAKING THE WRONG CHILDREN FROM LOVING AND CARING HOMES..... social services and the courts need to stop removing innocent children from innocent families from loving and caring homes,if a child has a safe loving home with no neglect and day to day care needs met by the parents then a child should not be services and the courts should only remove and put children up for adoption if the child is being neglected and doesnt have a stable loving home etc,adoption should be a last resort,

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