Wolf killer Kari Tikkunen blames society for his crimes by saying: "This society made me what I am today."

Kari Tikkunen originally from Sotkamo, admits that he is a man who has poached wolves by shooting and poisoning them. He boasts a hat made of wolf, which weighed 42 kilos when it was brand new.

In Finland the wolf is categorized as a highly endangered species. Poaching wolves is without a doubt a crime. Tikkunen lives in the back end of Sotkamo's Tipasoja. His home is the very last inhabited house on the edge of wilderness.
Tikkunen remembers the names of many of the wolves' lives he took, names such as Milla, Nikita and Moona to name a few . The collaring of wolves in 1998 for research purposes brought this custom of naming collared wolves. The story of Nikita's life ended to Lehtopuro creek on one Pentecost.

Poacher Tikkunen uses the protection of his self-bred hunting dogs to justify his poaching of wolves. It all began when his hunting dog was killed by a wolf in 1996.

Wolves have also visited the outskirts of his property. "I've said that every man has to be able to protect his own home. One must be able to look at himself in the mirror and maintain the respect of his wife."

According to Tikkunen wolves are "State dogs", that threaten his own dogs. He claims that he doesen't kill wolves for the fun of it. "If the law does not protect then I'll resort to my gun."

Summary, Helsingin Sanomat 2012, Finland

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