I Miss My Mom

  • Update #7

I miss my mom. Even through her hard boiled shell of stubbornness, I love my mom more than any woman on the face of this planet. Growing up, I've always had a close relationship with her.  It sickens me that I'm always the blacksheep of the family no matter…Read More


  • Update #6

My mind says NO ... but My heart says YES!  I've built my reputation around PASSION AND PURPOSE! ... now I just have to further monetize it into cashflow. You know you're passionate about something when YOU'LL PAY to do it all day long instead of getting…Read More

Today Could Be The Day!

  • Update #5

Hi Partner,  We have 35 signatures ... I don't know what to expect around every turn on any given day. I don't know if the cops are going to show up and take me to a padded room or just serve me with papers. It's very worrisome and I shouldn't have to go…Read More

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