Because that is why. I have a pet who I love but there are other animals that need our help. That is the polar bears and other marine life…Read More

Stop Shell from drilling in the Arctic!

Nature must be preserved at all costs....Shell must put more money on Green Energy research and production instead of risking the lifes of Polar bears.

We are all on that 3rd 'marble' from the left. The BIG BALL has more energy than we will ever need, AND we have had the technology to…Read More

Stop Shell from drilling in the Arctic!

Stop ALL drilling in the arctic! We should be transitioning from carbon based fuels, not tearing the earth apart and polluting every inch of it to get every drop of oil.

We live in a world governed by greed, corruption, and self serving interests. The concept that the people calling the shots aren't capable of thinking beyond their own personal well being is almost beyond comprehension. Can you imagine the sickness of a mind that places it's own shallow desires…Read More

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