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Tim Vandermaesen

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Stop Shell From Drilling In The Arctic!

Mensen...Shell gaat proefboringen doen in Antarctica..beginnend met zware onderwaterexposies in het leefwereld van de narwal..De orca. ..walvissen..noem maar greenpeace Door net zoals ik deze petitie te tekenen en jullie mening hierover te delen met jullie vrienden..Elke stembus belangrijk en het gaat om onze toekomst..♡&☆ People...Shell is about to do test drills in the antartic..they will head of with heavy explosions right in the middle of the habitat of the narwal..orca. ..whale. .and so on..greanpeace trys to prevent this from happening..please sign this petition and share your thoughts just as i do with your friends...every voice is important..whe are talking about our future.. ♡&☆ Tim

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Knarf Nomis

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Stop Shell From Drilling In The Arctic!

We live in a world governed by greed, corruption, and self serving interests. The concept that the people calling the shots aren't capable of thinking beyond their own personal well being is almost beyond comprehension. Can you imagine the sickness of a mind that places it's own shallow desires over the future of the planet's children? It's inexcusable, it's disgusting, it's embarrassing for the rest of our species. There is so much strength, so much power in our hands. The greedy, the sick minded, at the most account for perhaps 1 or 2 percent of the population. The other 316 million of us, just in the US, allow their greed to govern us. Whether it's ignorance, indifference, or just a sense of helplessness, we allow "Them" to make the calls. Can you imagine what we could do if we were to act as one? Can you imagine what we could accomplish if, as a whole, we chose to boycott a single oil company? Chose to boycott GMO products? Chose to stand as one? Every change of worth comes from the unification of those being oppressed. If, just in our country, people would turn off their TV's for just a night a week and actually do something worthwhile to fight the greed and corruption, we could make a change. Are you up for it? Are you ready to take your life back into your own hands? Or, are you content to let others dictate the quality of your life? The choice is yours.

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