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Encourage Creativity—Keep the Arts in Schools!
PetitionEncourage Creativity—Keep the Arts in Schools!(Photo:Mike Kemp/Getty Images) Our mission is to serve, advance, and lead the network of organizations and individuals who cultivate, promote, sustain, and support the arts in America. Connecting your best ideas and leaders from the arts, communities, and business, together we can work to…Read More

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Despite Cuts, Here’s Why Arts Education Matters to Kids of Every Age

“Why are you always smiling?” There are a lot of things my students tend to notice about me—I always wear something purple, I sing all the time, I call them “cats and kittens” or “ladybugs and gentle, gentle men.” But the thing everyone notices about me is my eternally sunny disposition. The kids aren’t the only ones who are curious. I am a…Read More

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