Our current tax code punishes families who are often light on cash during the parenting years. That’s why we stand for tax relief that…Read More

It's here: Senators Marco Rubio and Mike Lee today unveiled a tax-reform proposal to grow our economy and lighten the burden on working…Read More

Support tax relief that makes it easier to raise families

Thanks to you, pro-growth, pro-middle-class tax reform is taking a big step forward this week. Share the news on Facebook -- and ask your…Read More

Support tax relief that makes it easier to raise families

You've made your voice heard loud and clear. So, here's some good news... Politico reports that over the weekend Sen. Marco Rubio…Read More

Rubio & Lee to release "most pro-growth tax plan... in recent memory" - YG Network

YG Network
Good morning, folks. According to our national post-election survey, over 90 percent of voters say tax relief for working parents is very or somewhat important. So, it’s encouraging that over the weekend Sen. Marco Rubio previewed “a tax reform plan that he will roll out in the coming week with Utah Sen. Mike Lee,” which in addition to…Read More

You are having an impact!

In the New York Times, columnist Ross Douthat writes about the push for "family-friendly tax reform... which would deliver substantial tax relief to families with children."

Let's keep up the momentum! Can you get 3 more people to sign our petition today?

Let's each get…Read More

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