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Encourage young people to revitalize their Mother Tongues.

One in four Aboriginal people can speak their own language. A language can be lost within just one generation.

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samantha Mathews
samantha Mathews Campaign leader

February 21st is International Mother Language Day -what better way to celebrate than to take an official pledge and commit to learning and…Read More

International Mother Language Day

"Let us all join forces to promote linguistic diversity and multilingualism as a key element in our efforts to build a better world and a life of dignity for all." Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Message for International Mother Language Day 2014 2014 Theme: Local languages for global citizenship: spotlight on science …Read More

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The Legacy Of Extinct Languages
Playlist Description When we think of language today, much of the focus is on learning more than one. Take English for example: a language used widely around the word. What might not know, however, is that English, a relatively new language, is actually comprised of terminology, dialect and speech from thousands of other…Read More
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