Sivas Kangal and Akbash breeds are Turkey's national heritage dogs. The loss of these breeds are unimaginable for the Turkish people.
The current pet owners of large breeds will suffer great mental anguish when their pets are collected along with the dogs belonging to dog-fighters and put in pounds for the rest of their lives, without the possibility of getting adopted. The dogs themselves, who are kept in the house as pets will suffer unimaginably in these pounds. The breed, size and number of pets private citizens own should not be regulated by the government, if the animals are registered, vaccinated and neutered. The round-up of stray dogs and cats of the neighborhoods will have a negative impact of the well-being of the communities which have been living with dogs and cats within the communities for centuries. The mental anguish that the communities will suffer is considerable. It is inhumane to round up the animals in this manner. The government should be involved in spay and neuter programs, not in the annihilation and confiscation of animals.

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