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Cindy Bever Wilson

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Justice For Wolfy The Bucoda Dog

I hate to see animals abused the way this dog has been repeatedly abused. He had no hair on his back, was a rack of bones, and his master beat him. It's not right and something has to be done so that someone has the authority to make it illegal for him to continue the abuse and then to say OK and then go and shoot the dog. He is so sick. He's on drugs and in this case the county should go in and take his house away from him because he is deep into drugs and sell it, then use the money to help promote the cause of animal rights AND give him the same treatment he gave his dog. When you have people on that level, the only way they understand is to communicate with them on their level.

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Patti Nelson

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Justice For Wolfy The Bucoda Dog

Dear family and friends..above you can see the story of the Bucoda dog and the condition he was photographed walking the streets in. The city of Bucoda was no help to the concerned citizen. The city did however tip the owner off about concern for the dog and as a result the owner shot and killed the dog. This is the worst case of animal abuse I have ever seen. The owner of the dog MUST be held accountable. You all know how much I love animals. So would you please sign this petition to help future pets/animals not suffer from the hands as abuse. Thank you. Patti Nelson

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