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Christine Brown

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Bring A Humane Cat Plan To Los Angeles.

I rescue many of these cats that are trapped by cat haters and dumped at the shelter with a permit to do it given to them by the city. They sit in traps for God knows how long without food and water and dumped at the shelter. They are put back in the feral room friendly or not and killed. A lot of them are cats maintained in colonies or people's personal cats. Its inhumane barbaric and our taxes are paying for it. Please the only way the city will ever do anything is if they feel people care about the animals in LA. Animals are lower on the priority list than fixing pot holes in the streets. Please speak out for the cats in LA. WE are their voice. This is systematic annihilation of cats, sanctioned by the city because some nut job in the Audubon society said that cats are killing too many birds and got away with filing an injunction against cats in LA . One might ask , "how is theis even possible???"

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Stella Gusman

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Bring A Humane Cat Plan To Los Angeles.

I have been TNRing cats for at least 10 yrs. I have saved so many lives in getting stray/feral cats spayed and neutered, helping people with stray cats in their yards or businesses, or helped people with their own domestic cats get free spay and neuter. It's heart breaking to see so many beautiful healthy animals killed on a daily basis at shelters. I know because I used to volunteer at LA City and County shelters and saw the influx of animals and witnessed animals euthanized for no other reason other than their time was up. Sadly, I could no longer volunteer for these shelters as it affected me on such a physical and emotional level. We need to make change for the better and start saving lives rather than killing them.

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Rayna Hickman-Winfield

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Bring A Humane Cat Plan To Los Angeles.

Hello friends - You all know how much I love animals and how much effort I have put in to rescuing and homing so many. There are still far too many more out of reach because they are feral and not adoptable. The only way to reduce their numbers is through TNR. I was shocked that LA didn't have this plan in place already and that all efforts for TNR are made by private groups. Please lend your support by signing this petition to make TNR official here. All animals deserve the best life possible and this is one way to insure that happens.

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Tricia Ebert

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Bring A Humane Cat Plan To Los Angeles.

It's inhumane to round up cats (or dogs) and routinely kill them. The City of Los Angeles needs to implement a Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) program. This will naturally reduce the feral cat population and is certainly the most humane solution. It's important to remember the Black Plague in Europe that occurred after they killed all the homeless cats. The rat and mice populations grew out of control because there were no cats to kill them. The rats and mice spread the plague and killed hundreds of thousands of people. Feral cats are valuable and needed and serve a purpose. Please sign this petition to implement a humane TNR program in L.A. Thank you!

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