Sara Duckworth
Sara Duckworth Campaign leader

Here's the contact info to contact the executives at CBS. You can also tweet to @CBS on twitter. #SaveDallas #EwingsUnite #BringBackDallas

Bring Dallas Back To CBS

I have been a loyal fan from tge very beginning of Dallas. Our entire family loved the original and we love the new series as well. My grandchildren teenagers love it as well. Please bring Dallas back. #SaveDallas Wrong night, needed to be in Primetime never go uo against football ... Split…Read More

I've been a fan of this show since it first started in 2012 and the storylines were beyond amazing and spectacular. But coming to think of it, when I watched the season finale I thought the story was going to continue from season 3 and yet the shows been cancelled and there's no ending to this…Read More

Just the way I am feeling regarding the cancellation of Dallas 4 ! Bring it back please !

Bring Dallas Back To CBS

Bring Dallas Back To CBS
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