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Cara M. Naylor

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Bring Dallas Back To Cbs

This campaign to Save "Dallas" means a lot to ME Because of 2 things! #1. I've been watching it since it premiered day 1 and I know all the original characters. It has great drama, passion, action, suspense, everything you want and more!! It is more than just a night time "Soap"! It's BETTER! & #2. I have been to Southfork Ranch in Northern Dallas Texas with my sister whom I've lost two years ago. And I now treasure those memories we have together taking the tour of Southfork Ranch knowing it's a REAL place out there and the beauty it is! Just one signature, "YOURS", will help! Thank You!

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Penny Newcomb Hinders

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Bring Dallas Back To Cbs

Please again i am asking begging if i have to...please help me bring DALLAS. Back..for whatever insane reason tnt has. Cancelled one.of the most. Legendary shows. Ever to b aired..when i hear that Dallas music omg u just don't's like family!put aside the cancellation and. How much.i love the show...we as viewers. DESERVE to have our voices heard...we r the ones who watch.their shows and. Let them make money from our watching...its high time we take control over what we want.....WE WANT DALLAS!this is NOT open for negotiation. It is not something.that's Gonna disappear..we r ewing by tv by love by family and WE DEMAND OUR DALLAS!!please if u watch or even if u don't please sign every petition u can find..Hashtag #Savedallas. With every post. On facebook or Twitter...i thank u from.the bottom of my heart

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