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Thousands of walruses are coming to shore along Alaska's coast. But this isn't the kind of gathering we like to see. Dramatic temperature…Read More

Walruses Crowd Shore as Arctic Sea Ice Nears Minimum | WWF

About 4,500 walruses hauled out along the Russian coast near Ryrkaipij (Aug. 31, 2014). "The massive concentration of walruses onshore—when they should be scattered broadly in ice-covered waters—is just one example of the impacts of climate change on the distribution of marine species in the Arctic,” said Margaret Williams, WWF’s managing…Read More

A first-person account of the People's Climate March and why the week's events are a critical component to securing a strong climate deal…Read More

After 400,000 People Marched for Climate Action, Let's Make Leaders Keep Their Promises

The Huffington Post
At 12:58 on Sunday afternoon, 400,000 singing, chanting, dancing people -- stretched across 3 miles of Manhattan -- fell silent in an instant. We put down our smartphones and megaphones and raised our hands in remembrance of those who've lost their lives to climate disasters. A different kind of tweeting filled the air: bird song from Central…Read More
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