More Aboriginal Peoples working with the Education System across Canada to help Aboriginal Students finish school; more counselors, more…Read More

Elders in residence counsel teens at Blood reserve high school

Calgary Herald
When students first step into the large canvas-and-wood lodge inside the old cosmetology lab at Kainai High School, they’re often careful to avoid stepping on the soft buffalo robes strewn on the ground. It makes Kainai elder Harriet Heavy Runner laugh. “Bless their little hearts, they have a lot of respect for them, they don’t want to walk on…Read More

"He's such a sweet boy and he's so gentle," she said. "This is the beginning for him and it's only going to get worse for…Read More

Extreme bullying: 5-year-old urinated on at school

British Columbia
CTV Vancouver Published Saturday, April 1, 2017 1:21PM PDT A B.C. mom that says her five-year-old son has been hit, cut and even urinated on by bullies believes not enough is being done to help him. Crystal Tutt says since January, Ayres has had his hair pulled and then punched in the face, either at his Abbotsford elementary…Read More

I had 5 mothers in the longhouse, that breast fed me - my mother did not breast feed me, because she gave me to the Clan Mother of the longhouse to raise me and teach me, so I had 5 mother's...and my grandmother the Clan Mother..I was the last baby raised the cultural way. Today bands take children…Read More

We have some serious issues in the education system; one of serious discrimination, racism, bullying, and lack of understanding from one…Read More

Sask. MP Jolibois 'sickened' after Sen. Lynn Beyak says residential schools weren't all bad

Saskatoon StarPhoenix
Sen. Lynn Beyak MPs from across the country, including Saskatchewan, are distancing themselves from a senator who suggested this week there were positive aspects to Canada’s former system of residential schools. Caucus members surveyed Thursday made it clear they do not support or agree with Sen. Lynn Beyak, who was appointed by former Tory…Read More

"Toronto" is an Indigenous Word - a place where the Indigenous Gathered and Traded. First Dance organized by them, for them. Its wonderful…Read More

‘By us, for us’: Students organize University of Toronto's first powwow in decades

University of Toronto News
This Saturday, U of T’s Athletic Centre gymnasium will be filled with Indigenous drums, colourful grass dancers, beaded crafts and a chance to hear Indigenous languages for the university's first major, arena-style powwow in decades. The event, Honouring Our Students Pow Wow and Indigenous Festival, is being organized by U of T students and open…Read More
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