Hon. Liz Sandals, Minister of Education - Ontario

  • Sam is a happy child
  • Sam is smart
  • Sam comes from a loving family
  • Sam speaks English and French
  • Sam is Canadian
  • Sam is attacked in school 
  • Sam is Aboriginal

Education Key Components for education (your education mandate):

  • The ministry’s work supports four government priorities: • Success for Students  • Strong People, Strong Economy • Better Health • Safer Communities 
  • Student achievement from kindergarten to Grade 12 is the top priority in education. 

Our children want safety, education, and security in school without bullying!! Please make the mandate of key components on our profile a reality within the education system, because children are denied safety on the school grounds.

Sam's BILL Campaign for Education without Bullying in Canada: 

Help us to Stop Violence on the school grounds and create awareness to promote safety in Canada for Aboriginal children who are bullied, kicked, screamed at, chased around - when they are going to school to learn

Please help us end violence on the school grounds.  A child cannot learn if they are bullied. A child cannot learn if they go to school in fear. A child like Sam, should be protected on the school grounds; please promote a strong action plan for Canadian/Aboriginal/French children who are experiencing violence and discrimination from peer's and other school children with no protection. 

  • Hire Aboriginal security and support services in the schools to promote safety. 
  • Aboriginal Parents require inclusion across Canada with Education. 
  • Action for Safety and Security for Aboriginal Children in School and on School Grounds
  • Lets end violence on the school grounds together

Supporters of Sam to achieve an education without Violence on the School Grounds, 

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