Dear Rabbit Advocates,

Rock to the Rescue/Tommy Shaw Group recently awarded Big Cat Rescue Tampa a $10.000 Rescue grant.

Please respectfully ask Rock to the Rescue to honor their mission statement and respect all animal life by supporting Ethical Facilities and Rescues that do not unnecessarily and barbarically torture and kill helpless LIVE domestic rabbits, rats and turkeys in the name of a “Sanctuary”.


Ethical Rehabs successfully raise, rehab and release predators without the Live Feeding other animals causing terror, suffering and being ripped apart alive by predators.   

Letters of Reference from Experts

Rock to the Rescue’s Mission Statement references building initiatives in the areas of music education, (animal welfare), and health and well being. Hannah Shaw, daughter of Tommy Shaw, has  been honorably engaged in nonprofit work and community organizing for the past decade, with a particular focus on supporting the rescue and rehabilitation of both domesticated and captive wild animals.

For The Rabbits,

Linda Sue

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