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Get Charlotte, a badly abused puppy the best medical care

Charlotte needs the care of the Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation but instead was taken away to the ASPCA.

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    I owe the good health I enjoy today to antibody replacement therapy (immune globulin) which I've…Read More

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Joanna Tierno
Joanna Tierno Campaign leader

Charlotte's injuries are serious. She needs the best possible care that she can get, and the Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation…Read More

New York woman charged after starved, battered puppy left for dead in shopping bag: police

NY Daily News
A New York woman is behind bars after a battered 3-month-old puppy was found clinging to life in a discarded shopping bag with fractured bones and other severe injuries, said police. Alsu Ivanchenko, 34, was arrested Tuesday on animal cruelty charges after her tiny white Maltese Shih Tzu named Snowflake was found starving and unresponsive by…Read More
Joanna Tierno
Joanna Tierno Campaign leader

Guilty! Sentencing to follow

Guilty! Alsu Ivanchenko convicted in dog-abuse case
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. –- A Staten Island justice on Tuesday convicted Alsu Ivanchenko of animal-cruelty charges for badly injuring her tiny 3-month-old puppy last year and tossing the animal away in a bag by the railroad tracks in her community. In a case that galvanized animal-rights activists, state Supreme Court Justice William E. Garnett found…Read More