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In an interview with Media Matters, Todd spoke about the need for diversity on Meet the Press. Now we need to hold him to his commitment.

Chuck Todd Explains The Meet The Press "Balancing Act" And How Diversity Is A "Front-Burner Issue"

Media Matters for America
If Chuck Todd's plans for the new Meet the Press are successful, within a year the show will balance the need to explain the inner workings of Washington to viewers with elevating public concerns that are not getting enough attention in the political sphere. In the second part of a three-part interview series with Media Matters, Todd lays out his…Read More

Viewers of NBC's "Meet the Press" saw white male guests over 62% of the time in 2013. New host Chuck Todd should change that.

Rieder: Can Chuck Todd save 'Meet the Press'?

NBC Political Director Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press" in Washington, Sept. 1, 2013.(Photo: William B. Plowman, AP) For many years NBC's Meet the Press has been a television treasure. The longest-running show on TV launched on television in 1947 — 1947! — after debuting on radio two years earlier. The Sunday-morning staple has been an important…Read More