Joy Doogan

We need to protect the worlds beautiful endangered and all other creatures they all deserve to live freely and safely in this world

Stop Elephants slaughter in Sumatra now!

Stop the elephants slaughters right now... Sign and share this with others.. I love all the elephants very much....leave the tusks alone…Read More

Stop - your #1 stop

Posted in Money Baby Boomers…Did you get a chance to read this blog on Social Security benefits made easy? How did you do on the AARP quiz? I told you things were not as simple with our Social Security system as we had hoped. So, do you have any idea where the whole thing started? Are you even interested? Well, just in case you find…Read More

I don't understand why these 3rd world countries just don't get it! Their governments are oppressive, but, they still should protect their wildlife! Unfortunately, the people in these countries won't becomes extinct but the wildlife will! We need less of these morons and more wildlife. The…Read More

At you can get paid for your love of nature This is not a joke It's a registered iSafe site and will soon go viral.

Everyone has the right to life.Like Jane Goodall say: A life lived with compassion for animals and the planet is the solution to all the world's problems.

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