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Evelyn Zemelka

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Stop Elephants Slaughter In Sumatra Now!

I'm aware how awful Elephants are murdered and I think it's inhuman, terrifying and of course something no one should ever go through, i know there are a lot of horrible things happening in this very moment in the world and i want to help make a change in this world, one step at the time. Hope you feel the same way. Sign please !

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Megsther Work

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Stop Elephants Slaughter In Sumatra Now!

Please sign this petition to stop Elephants slaughter in Sumatra. Elephants are kill in their habitat just because humans use the land to grow crops and do not want the elephants near to their crops. They put bars of soap with poison on trees so elephants eat them and die. This is a cruel action since we humans are the ones invading the Elephants territory. Please help and sing this petition!

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