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Tell Nfl's Roger Goodell: Resign Immediately

This matter's because i love animals i believe that all animals should be treated as if their your own siblings they can't talk and say what their feeling and when their abused even if they can protect themselves they don't because their living in constant fear and this is also meant for alot of people such as i after i got married i was beaten everyday for no reason his poor excuse was that he was jealous of my beauty that's a sick minded insecure person i'm a victim and i've helped both men and women get out of this by sharing my abusive life i've brought people to my home and also helped them go to another State where they have family too protect them one thing is take action and don't sit their watching for someone's life to be taken away get involved call the police and they will do whathas to be done as well as our babies protect them don't let anybody come into your life and stay quiet because your scared that's what we have the police and other organizations to help you get out before it's too late you have strength and courage use it remember theirs lot's of help for us take a step and go for it GOD'S BLESSINGS TO ALL ANIMALS AND HUMAN BEINGS AMEN ..

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