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Ask Charities directorate to audit the Fraser Institute.

Don't let Stephen Harper get away with silencing voices of opposition while encouraging right wing propaganda.

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Robert Thorpe
Robert Thorpe Campaign leader

Stephen Harper has a strong supporter of his Vision for Canada in the Fraser Institute, who advocate politically for his goals with…Read More

PM delivers his vision: Less government for all

The Globe and Mail
Stephen Harper is diminishing the federal government for a generation, not simply to eliminate the deficit, but to reshape Canadian politics. He expects us to take more responsibility for our retirement; he expects environmentalists to get out of the way of the resource economy; he is shrinking what government does and how often it does it. He…Read More
Robert Thorpe
Robert Thorpe Campaign leader

This article by Linda Mc Quaig points out not only the unfairness of Charity Directorate, Harper inspired audits of charities for their…Read More

Harper ramps up his war on independent thought

In the conservative quest to shape public debate in recent years, no tool has proved more useful than the think tank. Nobody understood this better than the director of the ultra-right wing U.S.-based ATLAS Foundation, who once stated that his mission was “to litter the world with free-market think tanks.” Mission accomplished. Certainly the…Read More
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