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Empower families with real school choice.

School choice programs empower more than 308,000 children across the nation, but thousands more don’t have any options.

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American Federation For Children

Check out the amazing story of a school choice student who went from a homeless shelter to the honor roll, and continues to give back to…Read More

School choice scholarship student pays it forward

Lynden When Lynden Simmons was in the eighth grade, his family had to move into a homeless shelter. It was the longest three months of his life. At school, he smiled like he always did and joked with friends. At the shelter, Lynden kept to himself. He had chores, like the rest of his family, and a curfew. Homework became a refuge. “I just…Read More
American Federation For Children

See AFC executive counsel Kevin P. Chavous discussing the role of school choice in the nation's upcoming midterm elections

Opinion: November’s Sleeper Election Issue: School Choice

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate. where less than a month away from November's midterm elections how much a factor while school choice the ... American Federation for children executive counsel Kevin Shea this joins me now heaven ... most polls ... that show that voters are worried about the economy…Read More
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