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Call On World Leaders To Commit To Climate Solutions

Dear readers, Dear people, The object of ISCO (International+Society+Constitution+Organization), a registered European cooperative society (SCE), is to restructure the basis on which people coexist in the world. We, as people, seek to establish a new, human community of values. Our aim is to formulate a new constitution with new prospects for all the peoples of Mother Earth. The people in ISCO SYSTEM (THE platform for a full life), with their inner essence as the central focus, are honestly committed and interested people in the community: people with important aspirations and personal goals. Through this new code, we, as people, will overcome the dominant WORLD ORDER (divide and rule). The central objective of our activities is the collective wellbeing of nature, of all people, and also of animals and all other life forms. Every person should life their life in “freedom”, as they wish. And therefore every human soul should be able to get involved according to their wishes and abilities, to the extent that they truly desire and for which they can assume responsibility. Advanced biological concepts and necessary innovations, as the foundation and guiding principle of platforms for a full life, must be fostered and demanded in the present and in the future. ISCO SYSTEM assumes its responsibility for contributing to a substantial and necessary distribution of available resources on the basis of proven sincerity in relationships and principles for a full life. Applying this innovative code, formulated by people, should enable us all to attain our goals with a guaranteed standard of living, by ensuring, as well as valuing, full life in our BEING. Within the framework of the new constitution, a project involving commitment from everyone and at the same time a human system, ISCO SYSTEM acts on the systems that are important to people, as well as for the environment and means of subsistence. People are encouraged to attain their goals in life and to coexist in harmony with all relevant systems (keeping in mind the actions needed to do so), as well as to configure appropriate ways of living for a full life. The environment, nature and all existing resources are sufficient to ensure the survival of humanity, including future generations. Thus we can attain a full life that is completely organic and sustainable while at the same time respecting the environment. The limited nature of our resources shows the importance of preserving them, as well as the obligation that all living individuals share to use those resources responsibly for the benefit of future generations. Particularly important, in this respect, are non-sustainable resources, which have to be recovered in their entirety for the sake of the sustainable interest of re-using them. 1.1 Values of the cooperation society and the new constitution: • Real, direct democracy • Humanity • Sovereignty • Sustainability • Unity • Legality • Liberty This new code must be capable of remedying the substantial errors and defects of the present, as well as effectively avoiding further errors, for everyone’s sake. The objective is to preserve people and nature from increasingly frequent and progressive destruction. To achieve this, an effective and legitimate assembly must be convened in accordance with the code, in which democratically legitimate and recognised personalities will participate. After due deliberation, the code will be drafted, published, debated and submitted to referendum. On the other hand, the separation of powers that guarantees the democratic rights of every individual will be expanded to five branches. As well as the three traditional branches (the legislature, the executive and the judiciary), two new ones ensuring the separation of powers have arisen: (a) the new value system of financial resources, and (b) the plurality of the media. The current financial and media systems do not guarantee either the wellbeing or the education of the public: they have become “out of control” and have turned into tools of power, control and exploitation. In a new, directly democratic system there will be no mechanism that benefits a minority to the detriment of the interests of the majority. Therefore the majority will exert its influence effectively on a political, industrial, economic, media-related and financial level. 1.2 Structure of the cooperation society: Over the next three years, the new social structure will be formed from human personalities in each of the 299 electoral districts. These personalities will commit themselves to essentially natural and fundamentally transformative values, while also participating in the new code described here. In addition, the candidates, whatever their level of recognition in each electoral district, will be appointed councillors for their district by and through ISCO SYSTEM. 1.3 Objectives of the cooperation society: Every person will have access to a sufficient level of healthy food, water, computer systems, communication, mobility, healthcare, adequate clothing at all times, accommodation and energy as basic supplies. Steps will be taken to avoid some people adopting positions of power over others to the detriment of everyone else; this will be the inviolable and indispensable crux of universal human rights and will continue to be so in the future. Given the natural disposition of humanity, conceptual differences will continue to exist. For this reason, it is neither possible nor viable to conceive a full life that is the same for everyone or arbitrarily determined, and so it is essential to reject this approach in the context of the constitution currently in force. These noble objectives, essential for our future, are included in ISCO’s cooperation with the appropriate technologies that are already available (ISCO SYSTEM & AGDO = Future Cooperation Society), most urgently where the various current systems have manifestly failed. This requires synergy and a minimum of potential conflict. Through the new code, the aim is to achieve what in political theory is known as “orderly anarchy”. Brussels, 19 July 2014 Signed: The Council of the ISCO Consortium Information available on the Internet:äische_Genossenschaft

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