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Anne Rockwell

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Tell The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service To Protect Monarchs

Ever since our family spent a summer on milkweed-rich Block Island, Rhode Island, hatching Monarch butterflies as research for the children's book my late husband and I were working on, this beautiful butterfly has seemed like part of my family. If you read and loved SALLY'S CATERPILLAR, a picture book by Anne& Harlow Rockwell, Parents Magazine Press, 1965, please give some thought to the majestic creatures that inspired us, and sign the petition. If you have also noticed that Monarchs are more scarce in your part of the world, and why the milkweed plant doesn't seem common, here's the reason why! Best, Anne Rockwell

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Elle B. Burnett

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Tell The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service To Protect Monarchs

Natural Habitats for Monarch Butterflies, Ladybugs and other Beneficials are now being destroyed by the Ruthless NASA Toxic Weed Program that is indiscriminately destroying these habitats. Most of the Plants listed in that Misinforming Guide Book used by Communities is destroying Important Habitats and Natural Wildcraft Herbs and Medicinals. Purple Thistle is a Major Ladybug Habitat. Mullein is an Ear Ache Remedy Wild Unscented Chamomile is a tea used for Nau sea and Sleep aid. The list goes on. This Madness needs to be stopped Immediately. Is this yet another ploy by Cattle Ranchers running their stock on OUR PUBLIC LANDS because the flowereing herbal plants are competeing with grass? Time to get cattle OFF OUR PUBLIC LANDS and restore our WILD HORSES... ASSETS of the American Public. END THE TOXIC WEED PROGRAM NOW.

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Ann Cantrell

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Tell The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service To Protect Monarchs

Ten years ago I took out the grass in my yard and planted natives, including milkweed. For 8 years, Monarchs came to my yard and laid eggs. The grandchildren and I collected a number of caterpillars, fed them, watched them make their chrysalises and then released the adults. This year, although the milkweed is healthy, there have not been any Monarchs to feed on them. I also do not have ladybugs or bees in my yard any more. I never use pesticides or herbicides, but my neighbors do and so does the city at the local parks. The gutters are also sprayed all summer to kill mosquitoes. What are we doing to our world?

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