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When the majority of climate stories making the headlines these days are all about dire scientific reports and devastating weather events, you could be forgiven for stocking up on survivalist kits and teaching yourself candle-making techniques. But what’s rarely in the news is perhaps the biggest story of all: we’ve come to a turning point on…Read More

This article matters to me because I live at the beach and I used to work for a big fishing company in Washington as the Regulatory Affairs…Read More

The Finer Side of Flotsam

Sierra Club
Pam Longobardi despises her artistic medium of choice. She considers it a global scourge that's both tangibly harmful and potently symbolic of how our runaway consumerism is killing the planet. Longobardi makes art out of plastic--specifically, out of sea-worn trash that she's hauled from beaches worldwide. She transforms the flotsam into…Read More