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Oppose The Wearing Of The Burka In The Uk.

In Egypt, the 'demonstrators at Rabba wore burka's and even the leader of the moslem brotherhood El Badie passed the police dressed as a woman, he was part of the Muslim Brotherhood a well know terrorist organization. This is not about the freedom of choice but about the security of a nation and its peoples! Do NOT be fooled by their religious arguments or their calls on tradition, if they want to adhere to tradition they can go some where that has the same traditions and not try to impose their traditions on a country that has welcomed them fed, clothed and cared for them. NO! The Islamists will next say they are offended by women not wearing the scarf then it will be the covering then ALL women will be told to cover up or be raped...(One of the Islamist's usual threats). Fight for your rights to be free NOW!

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