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10 reasons why Dallas should be picked up!! #SaveDallas #EwingsUnite #BringBackDallas

Community Post: 10 Reasons "Dallas" Needs To Be Saved From Cancellation

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I know, right? Will your friends agree? Share this Link 10 Reasons "Dallas" Needs To Be Saved From Cancellation TNT didn't cancel Dallas without leaving its fans with a few unanswered questions and unresol...

its time we showed TNT that enough is enough,its time decent TV doesnt get shut down and replaced by shitty over-saturated crappy "reality"…Read More

TNT's Dallas Cancelled After 3 Seasons

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Dallas EP 309 - SCENE 09: INT. HOSPITAL - LOBBY - Emma talks with JRoss, Ann arrives, Doctor says Pamela is stable … Not two weeks after Dallas aired its season finale, TNT has decided against renewing the primetime sudser for Season 4. RELATED Dallas EP Defends Killing [Spoiler], Previews Major Paternity Twist and Reveals ‘Emotional’ Season 4…Read More
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When I was growing up, my parents would watch Dallas in the night JR got shot my mom went into labor with me n didn't want to leave for the hospital until Dallas was over with. So when they got me hooked on it growing up then when they announced the reboot as a old fan I was really excited b/c I…Read More

Dallas is more than a television show. It's a show that had became a world class favorite for generations. This show first started back in…Read More

Sign the Petition to TNT Channel · HELP SAVE DALLAS TNT

Dear TNT as a huge fan of Dallas, I sincerely hope you will consider renewing my favorite show of all time for season 4 and more seasons to come!!! So many fans love this show, and there is a huge legacy that follows concerning the show. There are some fans watching the original Dallas, which they never seen before, cause of your reboot. Many…Read More

I was very young when dallas first aired on TV.. I remember watching Dallas with my mother in Friday nights on channel 2... Now I watch Dallas on TNT with my daughter and she's a fan just like I am.. Dallas needs to come back it's just as good as when it left... The writers didn't miss a beat...…Read More

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