Teresa Kulshrestha wants to

Hong Kong MTR to take life of animal seriously.

Show to all companies in the world that no animal shall be killed for the sake of 'convenience'.

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Teresa Kulshrestha
Teresa Kulshrestha Campaign leader

Shows how little did MTR tried to help!

MTR faces outcry after train kills dog

EJ Insight
Hong Kong’s rail operator is facing a public backlash after an intercity through-train ran over a dog and killed it, Ming Pao Daily reported Thursday. MTR Corp. is to blame for the incident that could have been avoided and the company could have dealt with the aftermath in a more professional manner, the report said, citing witnesses.  The…Read More
Teresa Kulshrestha
Teresa Kulshrestha Campaign leader

Petition in Traditional Chinese

20140820 要求港鐵回應狗狗被撞死事件

Google Docs
20140820 (至18:56, 共5人已簽名) (至23:37, 共8674人已簽名) / 第一批聯署數字已於21日0時0分傳至港鐵。檔案編號為201408/TD6874 - 20140821 (至00:07, 共 12867 人已簽名) (至08:50, 共 32024 人已簽名) (至10:00, 將厚達676頁、超過37,000個聯署及留言的PDF檔, 傳到港鐵交通組, 要求從速回應) 10:53 已超過40,000 人聯署。 坐言起行,請關注及參與其他有心人發起的行動。 - 狗狗慘死,三個疑問: 1. 為何港鐵在一早知情,並能安排本地列車安全行駛的情況下,最終竟在事發38分鐘後,仍無法制止中方城際列車(T801班車)碾斃狗狗? 2.…Read More
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