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There is no carbon budget. We must as quickly as possible stop burning fossil fuels if future generations are to have a chance.

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Leading up to COP21 to be held in Paris in December you will hear a lot of talk about carbon budgets. The idea of a carbon budget is to tell you how much carbon you have that you can burn before you reach a certain level of warming. The big problem is that a lot of climate scientists are now concluding that we don't have any budget left.    At a…Read More

Why we need to change our approach to climate change.

Climate Reality, we all need to get real.

Climate Warrior
On Sunday around 50 of us attended a catch up meeting for the Climate Reality project in Melbourne. This was a follow up to see how everyone was going who attended the recent training when Al Gore was in Melbourne earlier this year. This is a fantastic diverse group of people from many different walks of life, all who are passionate about their…Read More