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Craig Stevens

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Secure Justice For Michael Brown

The killing of Michael Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri, this summer has yet to result in any action against the police's actions and the Departments handling of Michael's death and the ensuring public protests. I urge my friends to sign this national petition demanding that all the police involved in this crime be held accountable. There can be no trust - or peace - in communities who bear the brunt of police brutality and misconduct.

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Stephanie El

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Secure Justice For Michael Brown

I am tired of our children being denied their right to a fair trial,denied the principal of innocent until proven guilty, and most of all having their young lives snuffed out by trigger happy policemen. Our children are important to us and the future of our country and we deserve the respect and protection by the judicial system as American citizens. When a person murders someone, they need to be held accountable and the police should not be allowed to hide behind their badges as they claim their innocence after shooting and killing our children.

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