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Ukraine Crisis Solved By Rev.Moon Peace Message

Rev. Moon devoted his entire life of 92 years for the sake of creating a world of genuine peace and prosperity for all peoples of the world. By constantly denying himself, Rev. Moon has shown us that to live for the benefit of others is itself the greatest reward. Rev. Moon traveled the entire world even into his advanced age, visiting virtually every nation on earth to give his blessing to all the peoples with the goal of producing a true world family centered on God's eternal true principled love. As people of the world today we would be most wise to follow the righteous and holy example that Jesus Christ, Rev. Moon and his wife Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon have established as the way of God's filial sons and daughters who seek to bring joy and liberation to a God who has suffered unspeakable sorrow throughout history even until today. Let us today join together to continue the world-liberating work established by Rev. Moon and Mrs. Moon, to comfort the one true living God who has suffered needlessly due to human error based on ignorance.

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Apolonia Gabito

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Ukraine Crisis Solved By Rev.Moon Peace Message

As I understand Rev. Moon peace message it can solve every aspect of human crisis not only in this particular country Ukraine but applicable to all situations in human life because the message emphasizes the very basic need to peace which start from the individual by uniting ones mind and body centered on God our common Heavenly Parent.Then expand to man and woman love relationship cententered on God's love and have children. This pattern of daily life in a family will eventually become a strong tradition when the next countless generation continue for eternity. So peace is not a problem. Even though we can not quickly see the result of this hard work if we ourselves embrace this message in our hearts, surely we have hope in the future to realize.

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