Sign onto the Declaration Against Extremism to join your voice with Muslims around the world, who are outraged by extremist groups that rob innocent people of their human rights and free will. 

Let's respond to their deadly and perverse ideologies by pushing back against voices who use the garb of religious authority to further personal political and social agendas, and amplifying Islamic theology that protects human rights, free speech, and religious freedom.

Declaration Against Extremism

Let it be known that,  

Islam is from God, an expression of love to all of humanity;

In Islam, all human beings are entitled to dignity, regardless of who they are and the beliefs they hold;

The Quran declares that justice is divine and should not be subject to prejudices, tribal biases, or subjective desires;

In Islam, true faith is incompatible with compulsion;

Islam has no mediator between God and humanity; hence, there is no divine clergy or hierarchy with any authority to act on behalf of God.

Islam confirms and upholds the teachings of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and all the other Abrahamic prophets;

In Islam, no one has the right to claim they represent God or hold the absolute interpretation of

His word or His intent, 

Therefore, we believe that our mandate is to clarify Islam’s message, revealing its truth in the face of ongoing exploitation, misrepresentation and misunderstanding.

A major obstacle preventing the true message of Islam worldwide is extremism. In this, we are not alone. Sadly, extremists contaminate all religions. Thus, with this document, together we passionately reaffirm our opposition to extremists of all stripes, particularly all Muslim extremists who betray Islam’s true message. Furthermore, we pledge to collectively condemn and act to prevent extremism in all forms.

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