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Help us rein in NSA abuses and restore the 4th Amendment.

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The USA Freedom Act is a good first step towards stopping warrantless spying.

Passing the USA Freedom Act: Everybody Wins | FreedomWorks

Last week, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) re-introduced a bill to protect Americans from unauthorized government spying, the USA Freedom Act (S. 2685). After the House passed a dangerously watered-down version of the bill earlier this year, the new Senate bill represents a compromise - much stronger than the House bill, though not as comprehensive…Read More
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Another reason we need to pass the USA FREEDOM Act!

Google: US demands for user data up 250 percent over 5 years

U.S. government demands for information from Google have risen by 250 percent over the last five years. The number of requests about users’ communications has risen steadily over that time period, the company explained in a report issued on Monday, even as more details of the surveillance programs have come to light. In the first half of this…Read More
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Even a former NSA Chief is coming out against the NSA's abuse of power! Spread the word and help us get to 10,000 signers to stop…Read More

Former NSA Chief Calls NSA Data Sharing "Biggest Threat Since Civil War"

Tenth Amendment Center Blog
The NSA peeks and pries into our lives in countless ways, violating our privacy and ignoring the Fourth Amendment. But a former NSA chief says one agency activity endangers Americans more than the rest: the routine sharing of warrantless data with state and local law enforcement. In an interview earlier this month, William Binney called NSA…Read More
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Even James Clapper and Eric Holder support the USA FREEDOM Act! It's time to pass this bill and rein in warrantless spying!

Eric Holder, James Clapper endorse surveillance reform bill

Attorney General Eric Holder and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper are backing the surveillance reform bill introduced by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.). In a letter to Leahy on Tuesday (and posted here), Holder and Clapper call the senator's version of the USA Freedom Act a “reasonable compromise that…Read More
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