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" Next Step The World "For Protected Species.

I become wolf activist and animal advocat because I searched for a senseless task to use fb not only to chat with friends. And so I founds groups , began found groups with my fiance and we both are also admins in diversity animal/wolf groups. Wolves belongs to the worldwide most hunting and hated endangered animals of wildlife. And us both breaks the heart if we heard about senseless slaughter in Idaho , today IN STATE WASHINGTON : THEY KILLING HUCKLEBERRY WOLF PACK OUT OF HELICOPTER! THEY OFFER WAR AGAINST INNOCENT ANIMALS THEY COULDN´T DEFEND! AND ALSO MUCH TAX DOLLARS WILL BE USED FOR THAT SENSELESS KILLING! I can not more be quiet. I´m a warrior, now for animals to rise my voice for them if everybody can listen what happened to that innocent animals, about that inhuman cruelty. I say, stand up, people. Rise up your voices against every cruelty and barbaric killing to and of animals.

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