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Did your tax dollars pay for this one? Maybe.

stop US aid going to the Egyptian military
Marc McCole
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638 dead, but it's still not a coup. that said: we think you've been very, very bad, and are canceling our planned drum-circle rehearsal.

Egypt death toll soars as Obama leads muted international condemnation

the Guardian
Suspects are rounded up near an annex building of Rabaa Adawiya mosque after the clearing of a protest camp on Thursday. Photograph: Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters Egyptian security forces clashed with supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood for a second day on Thursday as muted international condemnation led by Barack Obama failed to quell violence…Read More
Marc McCole
Marc McCole Campaign leader

a really great write-up of egypt for those outside the know.

9 questions about Egypt you were too embarrassed to ask

Washington Post
(Laris Karklis/The Washington Post) Today’s violence in Egypt is claiming dozens of lives, worsening the country’s already dire political crisis and putting the United States in a quandary. But it’s also yet another chapter in a years-long story that can be difficult to follow even for those of us glued to it. You might have found yourself…Read More