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Isabel Vanover

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Justice For Guero

Because police don't have the right to kill our pets! Guero did nothing wrong except for riding along with his owner! I'm sick of police abusing their authority to kill our pets because they can! This poor dog did nothing wrong and the cruelty exhibited by police and the truck driver is is irreprehensible! They shouldn't be allowed to make this type of decision on their own! I want these two punished severely! This type of activity is irreversible and must be dealt with so that the message is received! They don't have the right to do this and this just causes more hatred toward police!

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Jan Brennan

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Justice For Guero

This story is gut renching,this non human goes home to his family acting normally , what is normal??It't a pity that this bastard be put in solidrie confinement to see how it feels to be on the other side of this poor DEFENSLESS dog with no where to go but to the subject of this moron..this cruel bastard deserves to have his face shown clearly to his family, neighbours,,store workers,and so on. This monster needs prison,death is to good. BAN CRUELY TO ANIMALS. Jan JAN

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Wendy Lukowitz

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Justice For Guero

My entire life ( I am now 60) Has been dedicated to assisting animals. Although, unfortunately I do not have the financial means to donate much…I've done --I think---as much as anyone can do---and ALL of the animals I've ever had were rescues…including the almost 20 year old cat…and my 2 others who were adopted from my local Humane Socitey almost 4 years ago. (I could have lost my apartment over this---I was allowed to have 1 cat according to my lease…but I told the building manager that if I could not have all my 3 cats---I'd move out. SHE now writes on my lease---"CATS allowed." Even my 3 goldfishes are rescues. I got them when they were sickly and tiny---and they are now each 6" big! I'm no martyr… but I've always tried to do the bet I can to help animals. LOL to all who do the same.

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