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Let Native California Tribes Protect Their Sacred Areas.

Please sign this petition!!!! I do not like to get involve in causes that are not related to animal cruelty, but I will make a exception with this one. This country already have taken a lot from the native Americans. Enough is enough. Please let them live with the little tiny rights that are been allow to them to continue on living. This is the cause all about: "California Senate Appropriations Committee: respect Native voices! While we support raising the level of protection and respect afforded Native American Tribes in California, AB 52, as it currently stands, would re-define the term “Native American Tribe” and would in fact limit and restrict this definition in a manner previously un-witnessed in this state. We object to this or any legislative attempts to redefine or limit the definition of the term “Native American Tribe” in any manner that excludes un-recognized Tribal Nations in California. Excluding un-recognized Tribes in this way is not only an affront to tribal sovereignty it also virtually guarantees that the sacred places and cultural resources of un-recognized Tribal Nations in California will be destroyed at an unprecedented rate in the future. The challenges facing all Tribes, but in particular un-recognized Tribes in California, in terms of resources available to support cultural protection work and keep up with pending proposals likely to impact tribal cultural resources are substantial." Please sign!

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Let Native California Tribes Protect Their Sacred Areas.

I oppose AB 52 as it eliminates non federally recognized Tribal communities immediately. I feel the civil rights will be vacated. Redefining what constitutes " Native American", continues to erode municipal, state current recognition that provides limited benefits namely and particularly involvement in protection of sacred sites.

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