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Shut down the page FUERA JUDÍOS DE MEXICO from Facebook

Antisemitism is one form of racism and bigotry and it should not be tolerated in any form.

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Antisemitism leads to hatred, violence, and the worst of crimes against human kind. Every human being deserves tolerance and respect…Read More

Antisemitism in History: Nazi Antisemitism

Within the context of the economic depression of the 1930s and using not only racist but also older social, economic, and religious imagery, the Nazi party gained popularity and, after seizing power, legitimacy, in part by presenting "Jews" as the source for a variety of political, social, economic, and ethical problems facing the German people. …Read More
Pepin Jacob
Pepin Jacob Campaign leader

patologias pseudointelectuales

Melanie Phillips: La enfermiza patología de la “intelectualidad” hacia Israel

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Este articulo es solo un ejemplo del tono de las manifestaciones en Europa y ahora en FB México que enseñan el lado negro de la naturaleza…Read More

Gaza Conflict Seen as Providing Cover for Anti-Semitic Attacks in France

Celestine Bohlen
PARIS — Like other Jews in Paris, Rabbi Salomon Malka is shocked by the anti-Semitic attacks that have taken place on the edges of pro-Palestinian demonstrations over the past two weeks in and around the French capital. In the suburb of Sarcelles, known as “little Jerusalem” because it is home to 15,000 Jews, a kosher grocery and a Jewish-owned…Read More