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Renata-Christin Czapek

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Expand Administrative Relief To Undocumented Immigrants

because people have to leave there Country to improve the life of their Familien. As we dictate all the resources what we are willing to Pay for them and that we use the Major Part of it. We have to fight that they are able to struggle for Demokratie movement in their own Country, where Most of the Leaders are only looking for their Familien and Friends so Hardy any money arrived to the people in order to improve their situations, like Investments and industrialyse slowly their Country which would give them their Chance to create work for the Young ones, so that they would not need to leave their homes!!!!

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Evangelos Konstantakakos

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Expand Administrative Relief To Undocumented Immigrants

All people deserve to have the same opportunity in life. being undocumented immigrant in a country is torturous, because number # 1, the undocumented immigrant is under constant fear. # 2, the undocumented immigrant is most of the times, abused at work because the Employers take advantage of the situation. # 3, The Immigrant alone or with family has no health care coverage, no one dares to go to a Hospital to be medically taken care of because of the lack of health coverage and because most of the undocumented immigrants fear that they will be caught and deported to their homeland where the conditions most of the times are inhumane. The children of the undocumented immigrants deserve to have the same freedom as all of us and to have the equal opportunity to get education as all other children. The country has a vital interest to legalize all undocumented immigrants, for all the reasons above and also because the millions of immigrants that now work under the table, they will be able to be filing their income taxes and pay taxes just as all of us. No Country can be called a Democracy if it is not permitting millions of people in the country already, to live in freedom and peace.

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