We, millions of people should be able to sign this petition. And we, millions of people should also focus on what kind of Peace we want and…Read More

We refuse to be enemies: a Vision Camp in Israel/Palestine. July 23rd-29th

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call on President Obama and Congress to push for a ceasefire

http://www.jonathan-cook.net/blog/2014-07-24/a-legal-and-moral-case-for-hamas-rocket-fire/ Jonathan Cook is a veteran journalist of…Read More

A Plague on One House | Jacobin

“Both sides” aren’t to blame in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel is. On July 15, Western media demanded that Hamas and other resistance groups operating in the Gaza Strip accept what they labeled an “Israeli-Egyptian ceasefire proposal.” On the surface, the call sounds reasonable, which is exactly what allows it to disorient audiences…Read More

If you want to know the history of that conflict read a book written by an Israeli historian that works for the Mareev israeli news paper.The book called One Palestine.It shows who owned the land and how the Zionist movement in Europe with the assistance of the british colonizers at the time,took…Read More

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One of the many reasons to support this campaign is explained in this piece by Richard Falk, which I take the liberty to share with you:


What has been happening in Gaza cannot usefully be described as "warfare". The daily reports of…Read More

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