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Urge Congress To Pass The Second Chance Reauthorization Act!

My name is Jeff Andrews...I am an ex-convict with my rights restored now, since I got pardoned by the Virginia Governor, Mark Warner in 2003, and want to see that others get the same opportunity to become contributing members of society. I have now worked for the same company for more than 30 years with the full support of the owner, Ken Banks. He and I do lots of ministry work to help those in need; and currently employ others like myself in sales and marketing roles at IPC. Check out my website... I was friends with, and worked with two amazing individuals, Chuck Colson, Founder of Prison Fellowship and Mark Early, former Attorney General of Virginia. We worked together in the years after my release from prison in 1988...thru 2010 in churches, prisons and jails around this country, my testimony was often the opening act for Chuck and fact I still do a variety of outreach missions like the one listed on my website for April 13, 2015 in St. Augustine, FL. Please take a moment to sign this petition. I believe in punishment for crimes..."a price must be paid", however I also believe in the Second Chance Act and full restoration for the victims and the offenders...Employment makes it possible for the offender to make a living and pay restitution for the damage that was done. Thank you, Jeff Andrews Executive Vice President IPC Technologies, Inc.

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Danny Goode

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Urge Congress To Pass The Second Chance Reauthorization Act!

The PROPANE INDUSTRY (at least in Michigan) is unregulated. To see if your state has regulations, type in your state and Propane Association and call the number listed. The price of gasoline in the State of Texas was $1.39 a gallon yesterday. About the cost of a bottle of water. Last year one delivery was 1,400.00! For us keeping the heat at 60 degrees and staying in one room with an electric heater, lasted about 2 months. Yesterday, the price of propane was $1.89 per gallon for 323.1 gallons costs 638.11 which includes 4% tax. This accounts for huge profits for the propane industry. I am against government inclusion in every aspect of our lives. I simply want the people who sell propane to charge fair price without government intrusion. When are people going to put their fellow man above profits? I hope it is sometime soon. Maybe reaching more than 2,000 people is unrealistic.. maybe it will be enough to get something done. THIS CAUSE WAS CREATED BY KAREN GOODE AND NOT DANNY GOODE, I AM JUST "SHARING HIS FACEBOOK PAGE, UNTIL I CAN FIX MY OWN." PLEASE SHARE OR FORWARD THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW, Thank you, Karen Goode.

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