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Ganesh Velu

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Stop Kendall Jones From Posting Images Of Animals She Killed

Such acts of killing and destruction of animals must not be encouraged or allowed.It is totally against the law of God and nature to go around killing every animal in sight.People like her should be banned from doing this and not let it spread when animals are going extinct!!!!!!!!!Please put your thoughts for the helpless animals who don't even know what's coming to them

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Sandra Ann

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Stop Kendall Jones From Posting Images Of Animals She Killed

This total ridiculous, that this young girl is killing for sport.. She is killing are beautiful animals... what does she do with the lion for example.. I'm sure she doesn't eat the the meat. She uses the skin..saves it for a trophy. . That's all. That is sick. Same goes for the other aniamal she kills and posts pictures of.. What , that's suppose to be cool..because no other 17yr old woud do that.. That's a digrace...Her parents I'm sure are all for this if they're not killers themselves... But somebody close to them should point out killing a wiid animal in nature should be a crime.God knows we only have so many left... it's just a disgrace.. what would she say now I'm a dog lover have many myself just using as a example.. what would she say if somebody shot her dog skinned it left it on her porch and said here's another trophy for you..How would she feel.... just saying ..really this has got to stop.. I use to love Ted Nugent..But when I found out what a Db he really is I was sickened and the pictures, bears , etc.... buy a fake bear skin rug... so sick.makes you think..makes my stomach turn... Really this has got to stop!

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