Israel is God's chosen people. Israel (Jewish people) helped to fund monies when our country was beginning and seperating itself fro England. The Jewish people have added so much to the world and even thoug they are still waiting for the Messiah to come they are still God's chosen people. If we as…Read More

People ared people are people. Those people who have no value for life or for each other are truly foreigners to most of us in this world. Everyone has the right to eat, to sleep, to use a toilet without being afraid of having their heads chopped off, or being shot! Those poor children. May…Read More

First of all, Israel tries to avoid civilian deaths more than the US did even in WW2 or the Vietnam War, never mind its wars of aggression…Read More

The Arabs of pillaged raped the land and the people and massacred us. Jews for a hundred years ENOUGH!!!

Support Israel's right to defend herself !!!!

I am stand with Israel forever and Israel have right to defend itself

Support Israel's right to defend herself !!!!
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