Lee Ziv
Lee Ziv Campaign leader


Ensemble, nous pouvons mettre fin a cette guerre !
Est-ce bien l'avenir auquel nous avons aspire ?
Est-ce bien l'avenir que nous avons prepare et souhaite pour nos enfants ? Un pays ou l'on bombarde des maisons et des enfants inoccents ? Un pays ou le ciel bleu est colore de peur et…Read More

Lee Ziv
Lee Ziv Campaign leader

يمكننا ، معاً، إنهاء الحرب!

هل هذه هي رؤيا المستقبل التي نريد أن نعيشها؟ هل هذا هو الواقع الذي نريده لأولادنا؟ بلد فيها يفجرون البيوت والمواطنين والأطفال الأبرياء؟ بلد سماؤها الزرقاء مليئة بالرعب وأرضعا تحترق بالكره؟هل نرغب أن نبقى لا مباليين للوضع المزري الذي فيه يعرض العنف كأنه الطريق الصحيح؟…Read More

The current crimes which are taking place in Gaza just help fundamentalism and Mullahs regime in Iran, and we should try for peace and human rights.
By the way, my sister is a refugee and lives in Camp Liberty near the Baghdad international airport and she in under the inhuman siege, and she has…Read More

My father was in the Royal Corps of Signals and went out in 1947 to what later became Israel with a team of signalmen to set up the first telephone service there.
This campaign matters because the people of Israel and Palestine both matter. We all understand that Israel never wants the Holocaust…Read More

The image of HEAVENLY LORD JESUSCHRIST, is my favorite amulet. It is blessed. The necklace is a gift from a friend's American mother,…Read More

We Refuse to Be Enemies: Together, We Can End the War!
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