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We Refuse To Be Enemies: Together, We Can End The War!

I invite you to look this film which was made nearly 10 years ago and than sign the petition! Together we can find the voice towrads peace and justice! Watch Documentaries Online | Promote Documentary Film | We Refuse to Be Enemies Forty people from Israel, the USA, Germany, and Switzerland went on a pilgrimage through Israel and the West Bank. They connected spiritual...

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Leila Dregger

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We Refuse To Be Enemies: Together, We Can End The War!

It is painful to see this violence in the Middle East. The children of Gaza have not done anything to deserve these bombs, and the parents cannot protect them. I love the "Holy Land", but in the moment it is the opposite of holy. People forgot that they are holy = a whole. I think we have to understand that it is not a war between Israel and Palestine, but one eruption of a global war, and we have to stop it wherever we are, also in our daily lives, in our consumption patterns, in the way we think or refuse to think, in the way we feel or refuse to feel, in the way we take part in the war society or find our way out. Sign the petition and stay informed about our actions and vision camp in the Middle East. We refuse to be enemies!

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