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Stop displacement and unjust evictions in San Francisco

People deserve to stay in their homes.

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As we enter the 5th year of a legal battle against foreclosure, we know this is part of a larger strategy to intimidate us into giving up.  Our family once again is dealing with an eviction scare scheduled for WEDNESDAY 10/21 @ 6:01am. We've been squatting in our home in a fight against FANNIE MAE for their unwillingness to do a loan modification. We need your help! Please help make a 2-3…

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No (ten-story) Monster (of luxury housing) in the Mission! We need deeply affordable housing in the Mission District, not 10-story luxury towers. After years of market rate developments creeping into almost every block of our neighborhood, the Plaza 16 Coalition has come together to oppose the largest market rate development in the history of the Mission District. The 350-unit project proposed…

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Call Urban Green's parent company Cornerstone Holding today to tell them to rescind the evictions of Sarah Brant and Mary Phillips at 55 Dolores. (It is really important you say Sarah's name too, as Sarah is Mary's neighbor who helps take care of her and if Urban Green gets Sarah out Mary will be all alone in the building.) E-mail: [email protected] Colorado office 303-410-2510…

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